About Me

I am an  IT Project Manager,  Entrepreneur , photographer/cinematographer, youtube blogger/Digital creator,  Mother for sun and sunshine, Wife for my Hero.

  I count myself very lucky to be able to make my passion my career,  there’s nothing more satisfying to me than providing a collection of photographs that can make someone laugh  and simply convert previous moments to memories of loved ones for years to come.

Life can be crazy, shy, silly, glowing, sensual, teasing, flirting, quiet or playful and I am  passionate about documenting spontaneous mood in an editorial style, while carefully creating authentic images that matter.

 I want to capture the real you. On your day, part of my job is  to take memorable pictures, however the other part is to be there for you and help tell your story.

Let Me portray your stories with my Lens and lights


Email Address: likhithareddyfilms@gmail.com

Phone Number: 512-983-8234

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